24/7 Monitoring
Object Tracking
Fully Autonomous

Welcome to Ryesight, your number one source for vision-based data acquisition. We’re dedicated to providing you the highest image processing solutions, with a focus on reliability, applicable for rugged environments.
We’re working to turn our passion for deep learning into a reality of vision solutions. If you are interested in improving your efficiency and effectiveness production line, capturing information through our industrial cameras feel free to get in touch with us.

What We Can Do?

What We Offer?

  • Object Detection and Tracking in Real-time with AI Vision
  • Defect Classification
  • Number Plate Detection
  • Vehicle Detection and Classification
  • 24/7 Runtime Capability (Always On)
  • Powered By GPU Processing Power with low electricity consumption
  • Made to perform in Rugged environments
  • Realtime Monitoring with “Ryesight IoT”
  • “RyeSight Analytics” for data Analytics
  • OEM Hardware
  • Deep Learning Training & Inferencing for Higher Accuracy
  • Customizable for any detection requirement
  • Complete End to End solution for any industry
  • Certified Sri Lankan

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